The Philadelphia Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (PHACC) was formed by a group of engaged citizens in 2017. PHACC has been to  a few office locations throughout the years and is now located at 7225 Rising Sun Ave. The Chamber staff includes the President, Vice-President, Membership Director, Community Liaisons/ front office.


 PHACC is the bridge between governments, corporations, small businesses, schools, faith and community  base organizations, as well as the general public. PHACC is a community Chamber mostly rely on volunteers for all day to day task. The focused is mostly on local issues and Haitian Businesses.  


PHACC priority is to find best resources for its members, promote financial literacy, organizing networking activities such as business fair, gala, Business Leaders Breakfast to keep the communities and its businesses grounded during any crises.


Philadelphia Haitian American Chamber of Commerce primary income is the annual membership fees. PHACC has three levels of membership benefits package and a Special package for non profit organizations. 


PHACC exists for the economic development of the community. Due to the cultural attachment of the members majority Haitians, it is natural for PHACC to promote and support pro-business initiatives that cross borders. PHACC promotes trade between immigrant groups and their home land. 


PHACC has great pleasure to welcome member from all walk of life. It offers significant benefits,  including how to start a business, grant wrritting, 1 on 1 with loan officers, best CPA, making new friends, grow your contacts list, just to name a few.

Company VALUES

“At PHACC we stand by our members and we make their business mean business”

Merytony P.J. Nathan, Vice-President, Philadelphia Haitian American Chamber of Commerce

We are the convener, voice and advocate of our diverse and collaborative membership who drive Philadelphia’s success.

To Make Philadelphia the best place for businesses and people to thrive.

Our membership will fully reflect the industries and businesses of our economy and together we will make Philadelphia a prosperous region with economic opportunity available to all.


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